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Webinar - Evans Senior Marketing

Win Today’s Occupancy Game – 3 Ways to Source Leads with Digital Marketing

Join us Wednesday, November 20th at 11 AM (CT)
About The Webinar








What you’ll learn:

Are you struggling to hit full capacity?

Learn how you can use digital marketing strategies to your advantage.

Bottom line suffering from lack of residents?

Create and manage a positive brand for your facility and improve resident trust.

Are you providing fewer tours than before?

Generate interest for your facility using modern marketing strategies.

How do I use digital marketing to get leads?

How to get discovered using Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, and the web.

What People Are Saying
“Ten years ago, newspaper, radio, and an ad in the Yellow Pages were enough to fill your building. Well, times have changed. Today, advertising online is a requirement and independent owners who haven’t made the transition to digital marketing are finding themselves further and further behind the competition.”
-Scott Alexander
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