Senior Housing & Skilled Nursing Marketing Solutions

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Website Development

Evans Senior Marketing will develop a complete website highlighting your building and encouraging prospective residents to schedule a tour.

• Dynamic Design
• Functionality
• Call-to-action prompts
• Testimonials

Search Engine Optimization

We use both Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to ensure you are front and center when people are searching for a residence.

• Keyword targeting
• Google Adwords
• Local SEO
• Ranking

Social Media Marketing

Build your brand awareness and residency to its capacity with organic Facebook posting and paid advertising to help you generate more clicks.

• Generate a following
• Target specific audiences
• Create engaging content
• Improved brand awareness

Reputation Management

Our automated platform is set up so that only positive reviews make it online and negative ones get routed to your office for follow up or review.

• Manage your online reviews
• Drive positive reviews
• Insights on negative reviews
• Improve resident trust

The times have changed, today, advertising online is a requirement and independent owners who haven’t made the transition to digital marketing are finding themselves further and further behind the competition.
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